We are proud to say that one of our dentists has completed his training in Dental Sedation and we are offering this service to our patients as well as patients referred to us. Our current rate is £250 per hour. Please make use of our 30 minute no obligation consultation to discuss your treatment needs.

Sedation is a procedure that makes use of sedative medications, to make visiting the dentist a more relaxed experience, enabling the dentists to perform normal dental procedures. The sedative drug midazolam is administered intravenously to relax the patient and to obtain memory loss for the duration of the procedure.

The medications you receive will not put you to sleep, although you are likely to feel sleepy while under sedation. Sedation dentistry is different from general anaesthesia, which leads to a deeper state of sleep.

IV sedation is used for:

  • Any Oral Surgery procedures (such as difficult extractions)
  • Long and /or complex treatments, such as cosmetic treatments
  • Implant placement
  • Orthodontic extractions
  • Any kind of dental treatment, simple or complicated

We only do sedation on Adults and children over 12 years old.

Intravenous Sedation is a very safe technique which makes dental treatment possible for most patients. If you suffer from one of the following conditions, IV sedation might be the perfect solution for your dental needs.

  • Fear of dental treatment
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Very sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems; or a need for surgery
  • Above average disdain for "getting numb"
  • In denial of a dental problem until the pain is unbearable
  • Have not received professional dental care in many years, perhaps decades
  • Go from dentist to dentist, or doctors, to renew painkiller prescriptions for dental problems
  • Experience sweaty palms or find yourself gripping the armrests

       ...then yes, you are a candidate!